Meton Sense Data Logger - Temperature record / monitor / log - Freezing/cooling rooms, refrigerators, freezer, curing chambers, kettles, fridges, ovens and custom equipment


  • Cold rooms, refrigerators, curing chambers, kettles, ovens and custom equipment temperature and digital input (normally open/normally closed, function) recording & logging
  • Proper operation rules & notification configuration through extremely user friendly interface (on a personal computer or tablet)
  • Alarm notification even when the data logger itself is not working / communicating properly
  • Data are available online: Very easy data export, event log, realtime overview by any pc/tablet (cloud login)

Immediate Benefits

  • Saves time - manual logging no longer necessary
  • Expedites HACCP / ISO protocols' compliance
  • Temperature (and other) data are easily accessible in case of an unannounced inspection
  • Assures that cooling rooms, refrigerators, freezers etc are keeping accurately the temperature set
  • Immediate notification in case of mulfunction/damage through e-mail/sms/phonecall, regarding the emergency of the eventMeterscope Portal - Cold rooms, freezers, refrigerators, curing chambers, kettles, ovens temperature - Level & pressure in tanks, pumping, stations, production lines - Fluid flow: Water, effluent etc - Energy consumption

Special features

  • Our data logger is preconfigured for you.
  • No software installation required
  • Software update are performed automatically without user interference
  • EN12830 compliance for valnurable product temperature monitoring
  • Designed in Greece / Produced in the EU

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Meton Sense Data Logger - Temperature recording/monitoring - Cold rooms, freezers, cooling tanks, refrigerators, curing chambers, kettles, ovens and custom equipment