Meton Wireless Gateway - Wireless Temperature and Humidity Logging via wireless mBus protocolDescription


  • Monitoring temperature and digital inputs (operation status, door etc.) of refrigeration chambers, refrigerators, freezers, product storage areas, and other devices wirelessly.
  • Communication of sensors through the industrial wireless mBus protocol for increased reliability and energy saving
  • Autonomous sensors with the ability to be placed inside chambers & battery life up to 14 years!
  • Cold rooms, refrigerators, curing chambers, kettles, ovens and custom equipment temperature and digital input (normally open/normally closed, function) recording & logging
  • Proper operation rules & notification configuration through extremely user friendly interface (on a personal computer or tablet)
  • Alarm notification even when the data logger itself is not working / communicating properly
  • Data are available online: Very easy data export, event log, realtime overview by any pc/tablet (cloud login)


Immediate Benefits

  • Saves time - manual logging no longer necessary
  • Expedites HACCP / ISO protocols' compliance
  • Temperature (and other) data are easily accessible in case of an unannounced inspection
  • Assures that cooling rooms, refrigerators, freezers etc are keeping accurately the temperature set
  • Immediate notification in case of malfunction/damage through e-mail/sms/phonecall, regarding the emergency of the event


Special featuresMeterscope Portal - Cold rooms, freezers, refrigerators, curing chambers, kettles, ovens temperature - Level & pressure in tanks, pumping, stations, production lines - Fluid flow: Water, effluent etc - Energy consumption

  • Our data logger is preconfigured for you.
  • No software installation required
  • Software updates are performed automatically without user interference
  • Connection with existing equipment (heat pumps, automation etc)
  • Expandable (additional devices, e.g. for energy metering)
  • EN 12830:2018 compliance for vulnerable product temperature monitoring
  • Automated weekly report for each interconnected device of the equipment, pointing out deviations / pottential malfunction
  • Designed in Greece / Produced in the EU




Easy to install & maintain


Meton Temperature Loggers - Wireless - Wireless Monitoring/Recording: Temperature, HumidityMeton Temperature Loggers - Wireless - Wireless Monitoring/Recording: Temperature, HumidityMeton Temperature Loggers - Wireless - Wireless Monitoring/Recording: Temperature, Humidity
Industrial communication protocol  wM-Bus
Sensor placement within chambers
Battery life up to 14 years


Full compliance with the EN-12830:2018 standard 'Temperature recording during transport, storage & distribution of temperature-sensitive goods - Tests, performance, suitability' as an end-to-end cloud SaaS system with class IIIb software certification (according to WELMEC 7.2), suitable for storage (S) applications with an accuracy of 0.5 in the measurement range -30...45°C, for temperature recording in temperature-sensitive products.



Do you have a more demanding application?

Καταγραφικά Θερμοκρασίας Meton Sense Plus - Ακριβής καταγραφή θερμοκρασίας και ψηφιακών εισόδων (κατάσταση λειτουργίας, πόρτα κ.α.) ψυκτικών θαλάμων, ψυγείων, καταψύξεων, χώρων αποθήκευσης προϊόντων και άλλων συσκευών με ενσύρματους αισθητήρες σε μεγάλες αποστάσεις


Do you need temperature monitoring with high accuracy over long distances?


Check out the Meton Sense Plus solution for temperature recording using MB1-TS sensors




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Meton Wireless Data Logger - Wireless Temperature and Humidity Logging via wireless mBus protocol