Hotels - Recording temperature data for food in refrigerators, freezers, and cooling chambers


Fully compliannt with the standard EN-12830:2018 “Temperature recorders for the transport, storage and distribution of temperature sensitive goods” as a cloud SaaS system with software verification level class IIIb (acc. to WELMEC 7.2), suitable for storage applications (S), for temperature recording in temperature sensitive goods.


Culminating the installation of systems in three major hotel chains, each featuring over 50 restaurants and kitchens, we are delighted to introduce our tailored solution for managing temperature records within hotel establishments


Key Advantages


  • Centralized data collection for enhanced reliability, efficient management of multiple spaces/buildings, and easy access in a user-friendly environment
  • Customized facility monitoring with distinct settings for various roles (technical service, F&B, chef-maitre, quality department, management)


Recording temperature and refrigerator/freezer operation data in restaurants, kitchens, and other hotel spaces



Specialized Features


  • Provision of tools tailored to facilitate HACCP procedure compliance / Enhanced customization capabilities for full alignment with ISO 22000 standards.
  • Event management, corrective actions, and report generation


Temperature and digital device state recording overview - Event management, corrective actions, adherence to HACCP / ISO procedures



Immediate Benefits


  • Time & cost savings during the management of record data required for reliable compliance with HACCP & ISO procedures
  • Notifications for damage or malfunction received via email, SMS, or phone call, depending on the severity of the situation
  • Automatic weekly evaluation using average device performance for the detection of anomalies or malfunctions


Central Monitoring of Critical Temperature & Device Status Data - Weekly Automatic Report - Observations, Events, Average Values




Additional Capabilities


  • Data retrieval from existing equipment (chamber controllers, heat pumps, automation, etc.)
  • Expansion with data from new devices (water metering, energy meters) and visualization of energy consumption - ISO 50001
  • Calculation of ecological footprint and representation of equivalent carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions - ISO 14001




Temperature Recorders for Refrigerators/Freezers/Chambers & Operating Rules: Can I avoid unnecessary alarms?


Can be combined with:


Temperature Data Logger - Meton Sense

Meton Sense Data Logger - Temperature recording/monitoring - Cold rooms,cooling tanks, freezers, refrigerators, curing chambers, kettles, ovens and custom equipment

Τemperature / humididty / digital input data logger supporting 8 on board inputs and expansion modules
  • Cold rooms, refrigerators, curing chambers, kettles, ovens and custom equipment temperature
  • Great variety of sensors (RTDs: Pt100, Pt1000, 2 or 3 wire, Thermistors: NTC or PTC,  Thermocouple K, J,  generic signal transmitters 4...20mA, 0-10V) that can cover an extremely wide temperature range (-200oC, +1800oC)
  • Digital input (normally open/normally closed, function) & outputs (relay, siren, light)


Wireless Edition Extra FeaturesMeton Sense - Wireless Edition - Wireless sensors allowing for extra long battery life (up to 14 years!) & industrial communication protocol providing strong encryption and wide range in order to cover several levels of a building

  • Wireless sensors allowing for extra long battery life (up to 14 years!) &
  • Industrial communication protocol, providing strong encryption
  • Long range reception, covering whole building blocks / serveral floors in urban area
  • Waterproof IP65, polycarbonate cabinet
  • Autonomous internet connection (3G Modem) for stand alone installation or fallback handling in case of bad network
  • Power supply back up (UPS) for energy autonomy and monitoring under power outage condition


Read more about Meton Sense

Read more about Meton Sense - Wireless Edition

Cold rooms, freezers, cooling tanks, refrigerators, curing chambers, kettles, ovens and custom equipment modbus connection & data


Device Controllers' Gateway - Meton Connect

Collecting data directly from the interconnected devices' controllers
  • Data from interconnected devices that support Modbus / M-Bus protocols
  • Temperature and DI (normally open/closed, function) monitoring of cold rooms, refrigerators, freezers and other rooms/devices. Inteconnection with a wide variety of controllers (Dixell, Pego, Eliwell, etc)
  • Humidity, level, pressure, weight, fluid flow, energy consumption, custom lab equipment, custom sensors

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Hotels - Recording temperature data for food in refrigerators, freezers, and cooling chambers