Infoscope Hellas - G. Efhtymioy A. Loutraris GPInfoscope Hellas Company Logo


Brand name: G. Efthymiou, A. Loutraris GP

Trade name: Infoscope Hellas

Company number: 121349106000


Address: 82 Vasilissis Olgas Ave

54643, Thessaloniki

Phone: +30 2315005906



For direct contact please use the following contact form:


Infoscope Hellas
John joe

George Efthymiou

COO & Business development / Co-founder

John joe

Aris Loutraris

Head of Operations & Development / Co-Founder

John joe

Antonios Theodosiou

Senior Embedded Systems Engineer

John joe

Sofia Zachou

Sales administrator

John joe

Stefanos Stefanidis

Computer systems programmer

John joe

Dimitrios Papargyriou

Embedded systems engineer