Eucleides - Web Accessibility bar for people with disabillities - Accessibility Bar Plugin

Eucleides accessibility bar helps people with disabillities to be able to access web content.


Portable Data Logging Device - Remote monitoring and control
  • Embedded metering device - easy to connect to 1p and 3p electrical network
  • External metering device connection
  • Local monitoring and data recording - embedded screen
  • Remote monitoring and control - Connected to Web Portal
  • Interconnection with automation, remote controlling and telemetry systems


InfoScope Hellas offers innovative solutions on telemetry. Our integrated, robust telemetry system makes it possible to have a detailed observation of all your separated consumptions in your facilities. You are now able to know your energy consumption of each distributed energy system and spot energy waste at any time.


Webpages suitable for people with disabilities
Web pages suitable for people with disabilities and special needs. Designing and building your web page from scratch, making sure that people with disabilities will be able to use it comfortably and effectively. Helping your company take part in E.U. subsidies, ensuring full compliance with this specific term. Configuring your current web page and providing a version suitable for people with disabilities


Industrial automation and networking
  • Industrial networking
    • Modbus
    • Profibus
  • Industrial automation
    • PLC
    • SCADA