Meton Connect Plus - Monitoring/Recording temperature, level, pressure, consumption, fluid flow, energy consumption - AI/DI inputsDescription

  • Temperature and DI (normally open/closed, function) monitoring of cold rooms, refrigerators, freezers and other rooms/devices
  • Onboard temperature sensors and digital inputs
  • Humidity, level, pressure, weight, fluid flow, energy consumption, custom lab equipment, custom sensors
  • Data from MODBUS connected devices
  • Proper operation rules & notification configuration through extremely user friendly interface (on a personal computer or tablet)
  • Alarm notification even when the data logger itself is not working / communicating properly
  • Data are available online: Very easy data export, event log, realtime overview by any pc/tablet (cloud login)

Immediate Benefits

  • Saves time - manual logging no longer necessary
  • Expedites HACCP / ISO protocols' compliance
  • Temperature (and other) data are easily accessible in case of an unannounced inspection
  • Assures that cooling rooms, refrigerators, freezers etc are keeping accurately the temperature set
  • Can be connected (through modbus protocol) to device controllers and receive specific data directly from them (e.g. cold room evaporator temperature)
  • Supports a large number and wide variety of devices
  • Can monitor the energy consumption of each device / floor / sector / building
  • Able to also supervise industrial / lab equipment: Machinery, boilers, pasteurizers, generators, super low temperature cooling (e.g. liquid nitrogen tanks etc
  • Immediate notification in case of malfunction/damage through e-mail/sms/phonecall, regarding the emergency of the event

Special featuresMeterscope Portal - Cold rooms, freezers, refrigerators, curing chambers, kettles, ovens temperature - Level & pressure in tanks, pumping, stations, production lines - Fluid flow: Water, effluent etc - Energy consumption

  • Supports MB1-TXs sensors for cost effective & accurate temperature monitoring over a long distance
  • Αutomatic start/stop of recordings with a higher sampling rate for more detailed monitoring of specific processes
  • Our data logger is preconfigured for you.
  • No software installation required
  • Software updates are performed automatically without user interference
  • Connection with existing equipment (heat pumps, automation etc)
  • Expandable (additional devices, e.g. for energy metering)
  • EN 12830:2018 compliance for vulnerable product temperature monitoring
  • Automated weekly report for each interconnected device of the equipment, pointing out deviations / pottential malfunction
  • Designed in Greece / Produced in the EU



MB1-TSx Temperature Sensors

Meton Sense Plus Data Logger: Accurate & reliable temperature monitoring over a long distance - Temperature recording/monitoring - Cold rooms,cooling tanks, freezers, refrigerators, curing chambers, kettles, ovens and custom equipmentAccurate & reliable temperature monitoring over a long distance

  • Cost efficient
  • Accurate measurements unaffected by EM noise and offsets due to long cables.

With almost 2 decades of exceptional performance in the field, MB1-TSx have always been the prefered sensor from our customers.


Compatible with our IoT datalogger Meton Sense Plus and our Modbus IO extension Meton Extend, MB1-Tsx ensure wired, trouble-free, long length temperature monitoring systems.


An accuracy better than +/-0.25oC is easily achieved with Meton and MB1-TSx


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Full compliance with the EN-12830:2018 standard 'Temperature recording during transport, storage & distribution of temperature-sensitive goods - Tests, performance, suitability' as an end-to-end cloud SaaS system with class IIIb software certification (according to WELMEC 7.2), suitable for storage (S) applications with an accuracy of 0.5 in the measurement range -30...45°C, for temperature recording in temperature-sensitive products.


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Cold rooms, freezers, cooling tanks, refrigerators, curing chambers, kettles, ovens and custom equipment modbus connection & data