Enhance your visitors' touring experience!  Give them the opportunity to interact with your exhibits' multimedia applications. Project breathtaking high definition videos on video walls and information multimedia on screens integrated with show cases!

Your exhibition literally ...interacts with your visitor! Multimedia starts on one's approach! Visitors are able to get information and instructions from user-friendly infokiosks, write in the visitors' e-book and get photographed next to the most important attractions - their pictures will be available in their personal e-mail address or social media account!

Interactive Multimedia Exhibition - Interactive Museum

Multimedia Presentation - Visitor Interaction

Multimedia Presentation:

  • Breathtaking video walls
  • Show case integrated screens
  • Infokiosks, interactive instructions and information stations, visitors' e-books
  • Photograph stations installed near attractions

Some of the above multimedia applications (or even all of them!) interact with visitors:

  • Auto start slideshow / video on visitor's approach
  • Visitors navigate through information on a screen or a video wall by simply using their hands!
  • Interactive video walls detecting visitor's body motion!
  • Touch screen infokiosk for user-friendly navigation through information, instructions, games, experience evaluation and visitors' e-books

Ideas for Interactive Multimedia Presentation - Interactive Museum Suggestions

Exhibition Entrance - Introductory Interactive Infokiosk

Visitors are given the opportunity to watch a video - summary of the exhibition. Short length video or slideshow review gives an idea to your visitors, so they know how to move through the attractions and never miss a thing, proceeding fast to the most important parts instead of wandering around at the entrance.

High Definition Video Wall

High Definition Video Wall - Projector Presentation

High definition video presentation is an impressive attraction! Display your video wall at a spacious and evocative spot of the exhibition!

Infokiosk - Interactive Information and Multimedia Station

Visitors navigate through information and instructions by simply moving their hands and pay more attention to their favorite parts.

Photograhp stations near the attractions

Most visitors love taking pictures of the attractions - especially when they are included in the frame! Exhibition hosts can now offer this feature to their visitors! Pre-installed cameras take pictures of the visitors next to their favorite attractions whenever they desire!

Visitors will be able to acquire their pictures on their cell phones or exhihbition infokiosks and send them to their e-mail or social media accounts! They can even post them online at the very moment they see them!

Multimedia Interaction on visitor's body motion

Take your visitors by surprise! When one approaches the attraction, multimedia starts automatically, calling them to take actions! It can even interact with one's body motion!

Just imagine a man talking to you through a frame on the wall in front of you!

Exhibit's internal section video and sound

Offer your visitors the opportunity to see through a wall, inside box and listen to the internal section of a live event!

Outro Infokiosk - Visitors' e-book - Museum Tour Experience Evaluation

At the end of one's tour, your visitor will be able to evaluate one's experience, aqcuire his pictures, post online or write in the visitors' e-book.

Introduction Interactive Information Station - Interactive Museum experience evaluation - Visitors' e-books

Hosts can easily modify multimedia content through a user friendly web-based software, using their own personal computer!

Ideal for periodic exhibitions which demand updates on their information, presentations and instructions.

Contact us to design your own interactive exhibition according to your special needs and desires!

Interactive Multimedia in Exhibitions - Interactive Museum