Web pages suitable for people with disabilities and special needs. Designing and building your web page from scratch, making sure that people with disabilities will be able to use it comfortably and effectively. Helping your company take part in E.U. subsidies, ensuring full compliance with this specific term. Configuring your current web page and providing a version suitable for people with disabilities



Web pages suitable for people with disabilities, special needs, vision problems

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E - accessibility: Websites/Webpages suitable for people with disabillities - WCAG 2.0 Compliance

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Web Accessibility Bar User Guide - Website conformance with WCAG 2.0

Enhance your visitors' touring experience!

Give them the opportunity to interact with your exhibits' multimedia applications.

High definition video walls - screens integrated with show cases.

Multimedia application auto starts when the visitor approaches the exhibit and interacts with one's motion!

Visitors will be able to get information and instructions from user friendly interactive infokiosks, write in the visitor's e-book and get photographed next to the most important attractions - their pictures will be available in their personal e-mail address or social media account!

Interactive Multimedia in Exhibitions - Interactive Museum

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Listen to the instructions by clicking on "Play" button and then on the text you want to listen to.

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Q: What is e-accessibility?

A: Electronic accessibility, or E-Accessibility, refers to the ease of use of information and communication technologies (ICTs), such as the Internet, by people with disabilities.

  • Embedded metering device - easy to connect to 1p and 3p electrical network
  • External metering device connection
  • Local monitoring and data recording - embedded screen
  • Remote monitoring and control - Connected to Web Portal
  • Interconnection with automation, remote controlling and telemetry systems


  • High standards, easy to use and configure
  • Energy system demonstration
  • Temporary installation of energy monitoring system for testing purposes
  • Telemetry demonstration
  • Scaleability to automation systems, remote controlling, telemetry - demonstration and trial installation
  • Embedded metering device - easy to connect to single and three-phase electrical network
  • Supports external metering device connection
  • Local energy analysis, monitoring and data recording - embedded screen
  • Remote monitoring and control - Connected to Web Portal
  • Interconnection with automation, remote controlling and telemetry systems
Portable analyzer - Electrical Energy Meter


Energy saving is the one-way road to drastically reduce the cost of a large scale consumer and, moreover, a minor contribution to an environmentally friendly world. PLC control and more custom automation applications can be combined to make reduce our energy consumption, making our life easier at the same time.

InfoScope Hellas offers innovative solutions on telemetry. Our integrated, robust telemetry system makes it possible to have a detailed observation of all your separated consumptions in your facilities. You are now able to know your energy consumption of each distributed energy system and spot energy waste at any time. You can also control manually, semi automatically or completely automatically the most significant and energy consumpting devices and machinery.


Meterscope web portal is designed and developed to integrate the whole Meterscope Project, including:

  • Energy metering Gateway
  • PLC Control and Custom Αutomation Ezybox
  • Temperature metering
  • Integrated data presentation
  • Monitoring gas, water and more (under development)

InfoScope Hellas undertakes meter system installation and has developed its own software, so that you can keep track of telemetry results in a simple way that suits your desires, while being anywhere in the world. At your request, InfoScope Hellas can be responsible for observing your facilities, helping you stabilize your system and suggesting new ideas and solutions, which can offer you 10% to 30% energy saving!

We are at your disposal to share more specific details with you, take into account your special needs and configure the installation for your own customized use. So, don't hesitate to contact us!

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