Meton Data Logger

What is it?

Meton Data Logger is an integrated system that provides the superision and control of your enterprise's facilities.

How does it work?

Meton Data Logger collects crucial data such as:

  • Cold rooms, freezers, refrigerators, curing chambers, kettles, ovens and custom equipment
  • Level & pressure in tanks, pumping, stations, production lines
  • Fluid flow: Water, effluent etc
  • Energy consumption
  • Almost any quantity that can be measured through an analog or digital input (AI/DI)

Where can it be installed?

Meton Data Logger collects crucial data and can be installed in production, processing and trading food companies, hypermarkets, hotels, hospitals, pharmacies, microbiological labs etc


  • Metering a great variety of quantities through one device
  • Different sampling rate for each quantity
  • Connection flexibility through Modbus Protocol
  • Reliability trhough local caching
  • Easy to install and use (just power supply & ethernet connection)
  • Simple & user friendly remote configuration

Meterscope Manager

What is it?

Meterscope Manager is an online admin panel that provides data visualization and a rule-based engine in order to monitor and control your business facilities.

How does it work?

Meterscope Manager:

  • Connects to all Meton Data Loggers, regardless of how many they are or where there have been installed
  • Connects easiliy to newlly installed Meton Data Loggers due to its modular architecture design
  • Stores and visualizes the measured data in a handy and understandable way
  • Can configure remotely the operation parameters of Meton Data Loggers
  • Notifies users through e-mail & SMS in case of an emergency or optimized facility operation rules' violation
  • Provides data sharing to other users such as technicians, quality managers etc


  • Immediate outlook of your facilities & equipment through a user friendly interface
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device with internet connection
  • Complete and integrity protected log file & event log
  • Damabe prevention due to user defined rules for proper operation
  • Quantity upgrade for your products & services
  • Cost saving due to the advanced management of your company's facilities
Meton Data Logger - Data Colection - temperature, level, pressure, fluid flow, energy consumption, analog / digital output quantities metering & monitoring