Infoscope RoostKit


Ideal solution for demonstrators of innovative ideas and solutions in energy metering, telemetry and automation. It can strongly support energy saving capabilities presentations for industrial customers, intensive energy consumers, compact companies and individual clients, smart homes, automation facilities, aiming to investments about economical, technological and environmental benefits.


Energy metering and automation Kit demonstration and trial period installation:

  • High standards, easy to use and configure
  • Energy system demonstration
  • Temporary installation of energy monitoring system for testing purposes
  • Telemetry demonstration
  • Scaleability to automation systems, remote controlling, telemetry - demonstration and trial installation

Portable energy monitoring and telemetry device features:

  • Embedded metering device - easy to connect to single and three-phase electrical network
  • Supports external metering device connection
  • Local monitoring and data recording - embedded screen
  • Remote monitoring and control - Connected to Web Portal
  • Interconnection with automation, remote controlling and telemetry systems
  • Energy analysis and statistics
Energy monitoring device is a handy kit for energy inspectors, allowing them to record and analyze energy stats locally

Portable energy monitoring device Photo Gallery

Portable Data Logging Device - Remote monitoring and control