Meton Sense Data Logger / Metton Connect Gateway: Monitoring/Recording temperature, level, pressure, consumption, fluid flow, energy consumption - AI/DI inputs - Equipment monitoring, humidity / temperature data logging, wireless M-Bus & Modbus protocol gatewayMeton Data Logger / Gateway


Meton IoT Devices can be connected to a wide variety of sensors or controllers that support communication protocols and collect the most significant data, depending on each business/industrial sector.


Meton IoT data logger serves as a gateway that supports industrial & commercial equipment integration. Each Meton is connected to Meterscope Manager Web Portal, which provides a wide variety of tools & features.


Meton of Athens was a Greek mathematician, astronomer, geometer, and engineer who lived in Athens in the 5th century BC. He is best known for calculations involving the eponymous 19-year Metonic cycle


Meton Sense - Wireless Edition

Meton Sense Data Logger - Temperature recording/monitoring - Cold rooms,cooling tanks, freezers, refrigerators, curing chambers, kettles, ovens and custom equipment

Meton Sense

Meton Sense Wireless is a special edition of Meton Sense Data Logger:
Τemperature / humididty / digital input data logger supporting 8 on board inputs and expansion modules
  • Cold rooms, refrigerators, curing chambers, kettles, ovens and custom equipment temperature
  • Great variety of sensors (RTDs: Pt100, Pt1000, 2 or 3 wire, Thermistors: NTC or PTC,  Thermocouple K, J,  generic signal transmitters 4...20mA, 0-10V) that can cover an extremely wide temperature range (-200oC, +1800oC)
  • Digital input (normally open/normally closed, function) & outputs (relay, siren, light)

Wireless Edition Extra FeaturesMeton Sense - Wireless Edition - Wireless sensors allowing for extra long battery life (up to 14 years!) & industrial communication protocol providing strong encryption and wide range in order to cover several levels of a building

  • Wireless sensors allowing for extra long battery life (up to 14 years!) &
  • Industrial communication protocol, providing strong encryption
  • Long range reception, covering whole building blocks / serveral floors in urban area
  • Waterproof IP65, polycarbonate cabinet
  • Autonomous internet connection (3G Modem) for stand alone installation or fallback handling in case of bad network
  • Power supply back up (UPS) for energy autonomy and monitoring under power outage condition
The combination of an autonomous internet connection and the power supply back up provides immediate remote alarm / paging / notification in case of a power outage


General characteristics


Wireless temperature / humidity sensors & digital inputs - Cold rooms, freezers, cooling tanks, refrigerators, curing chambers, kettles, ovensDescription

  • Temperature and DI (normally open/closed, function) monitoring of cold rooms, refrigerators, freezers and other rooms/devices
  • Humidity, level, pressure, weight, fluid flow, energy consumption, custom lab equipment, custom sensors
  • Data from MODBUS connected devices
  • Proper operation rules & notification configuration through extremely user friendly interface (on a personal computer or tablet)
  • Alarm notification even when the data logger itself is not working / communicating properly
  • Data are available online: Very easy data export, event log, realtime overview by any pc/tablet (cloud login)

Immediate Benefits

  • Saves time - manual logging no longer necessary
  • Expedites HACCP / ISO protocols' compliance
  • Temperature (and other) data are easily accessible in case of an unannounced inspection
  • Assures that cooling rooms, refrigerators, freezers etc are keeping accurately the temperature set
  • Can be connected (through modbus protocol) to device controllers and receive specific data directly from them (e.g. cold room evaporator temperature)
  • Supports a large number and wide variety of devices
  • Can monitor the energy consumption of each device / floor / sector / building
  • Able to also supervise industrial / lab equipment: Machinery, boilers, pasteurizers, generators, super low temperature cooling (e.g. liquid nitrogen tanks etc
  • Immediate notification in case of mulfunction/damage through e-mail/sms/phonecall, regarding the emergency of the event

Special features

  • Our data logger is preconfigured for you.
  • No software installation required
  • Software update are performed automatically without user interference
  • Connection with existing equipment (heat pumps, automation etc)
  • Expandable (additional devices, e.g. for energy metering)
  • EN12830 compliance for valnurable product temperature monitoring
  • Automated weekly report for each interconnected device of the equipment, pointing out deviations / pottential malfunction
  • Designed in Greece / Produced in the EU


Meton Sense Wireless is a gateway to Meterscope Manager Web Portal


A short list of Meterscope Manager Web Portal's benefits:

Meton Connect - Lab Edition gateway: Hospital, lab & pharmaceutical industry equipment monitoring - Cryogenic / Cryostorage system & liquid nitrogen supervision, hospital, laboratory & pharmaceutical industry equipment monitoring, super low temperature data logging, wireless M-Bus & Modbus protocol gateway

  • Immediate outlook of your facilities & equipment through a user friendly interface
  • Accessible anytime, anywhere, from any device with internet connection
  • Automated weekly report for each interconnected device of the equipment, pointing out deviations / potential malfunction
  • Manual data insert when auto recording is not easy or possible ( lab results, pH, etc)
  • Configurable proper operation rule set (e.g. min temperature -195oC, max temperature -80oC, tolerance 45 minutes / liquid nitrogen minimum level alarm, tolerance 30 minutes)
  • Personalized / specific alarm notification per rule (e-mail, SMS & phone call) & notification timeschedule
  • Several easy-to-configure rule set that correlating event severity & alarm notifications (eg email notification for warnings, email & sms for important events, repetitive phone calls for alarms)
  • Special rules for sensor errors & missing data - Rule combination to avoid false alarms
  • Complete and integrity protected log file & event log
  • Configurable recording rate & personilized dashboard
  • Manual / combined data reports


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Wireless temperature / humidity sensors & digital inputs - Multiple power supply & WAN communication (3G, WiFi, LAN) options