Eucleides Accessibility Bar

Μπάρα προσβασιμότητας ατόμων με αναπηρία - EucleidesEucleides accessibility bar helps people with disabillities to be able to access web content. This plugin is developed by Infoscope Hellas and supports full conformance with WCAG 2.0 AA

Eucleides accessibility bar is compatible with all popular web platforms (Wordpress - Joomla - Drupal) and a wide variety of custom CMS


  • Font size control over every wbsite elemnt (articles, menu, links etc)
  • Contrast control (white background - black fonts, / black background - white fonts, blue background - yellow fonts)
  • Text to speach software
  • Keyboard shortcuts for mouse-free navigation
  • Voice Instructions
  • Keeps user's preferences for every page of the website
  • Modern - responsive desing, optimised for tablets & smartphones
  • Vertical and horizontal customization

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Eucleides Accessibility Bar is suitable for:

  • Blind People
  • People suffering from low vision
  • People suffering from motor disabillities
Μπάρα προσβασιμότητας ατόμων με αναπηρία - Eucleides

Full local Instructions

If you find difficulties in using Eucleides, have a look at our full instructions page.

Eucleides Accessibility Bar is a stand-alone installation. People with low vision or motor problems can access your website. Moreover, it is strongly suggested that it is combined with website configuration, so it is fully compatible with WCAG 2.0. As a result, your website will benefit from all WCAG - Conformance advantages.

Our company fully undertakes your website's upgrade, development or configuration on your request.

Eucleides Accessibility Bar requests access to your server through FTP. For full WCAG - Conformant configuration, access to your website back-end and administration pages will be needed.

Eucleides (Greek: Ευκλείδης) was archon of Athens towards the end of the fifth century BC. He contributed towards the re-establishment of democracy during his years in office (403-402 BC). He is also believed to have contributed to the new political order, with proposals that sought to deal with the challenge of the potentially disruptive minority who had supported oligarchy in the previous years. During his archonship Greece changed its alphabets to Ionic script. He supported a decree to change the alphabet and adopt Ionian script. Athenians accepted a spelling reform, adopting the Ionian alphabet, which included eta and omega. There are inscriptions from Athens which used Ionian spelling before it was official and others which continued to use the old Attic spelling after it was repudiated. Eucleides was involved in adoption of the new spelling form that was acceptable to Athenians. The reform meant that the old Attic alphabet traditionally used in all official documents had to be changed in order to conform to Ionic usage, which had become a standard alphabet for the Greeks. (wikipedia)


Eucleides Accessibility bar - Web access for people with disabbilities

Eucleides - Web Accessibility bar for people with disabillities - Accessibility Bar Plugin