People with special needs shouldn't be excluded from an easy and effective access to the internet. This can be a useful tool, promoting both your company and helping people with disabilities getting the most of internet services.

Infoscope Hellas specializes in developing web pages suitable for people with disabilities and special needs. Designing and building your web page from scratch, making sure that people with disabilities will be able to use it comfortably and effectively. Websites that utilize accessibility bars are often essential for taking part in E.U. subsidies. Our company ensures full compliance with this spesific term. Moreover, you don't need to build a new website: Configuring your current web page is possible, using our accessibility bar plugin. 

  • Building new web page from scratch
  • Responsive Web Pages
  • Modern Web Design
  • WCAG comformance advantages
  • Websites Comfortable for people suffering from vision issues
  • Full functionality: Eye problems don't incommode full and effective webpage usage
  • Upgrading your current website
  • Full compliance with E.U. subsidies programs
  • Configuring current web page using accessibility bar plugin

See more at Infoscope's E-Accessibility Web Services

Infoscope Hellas offers a wide variety of ideas and solutions for modern and full functional websites that cover your special requirements and all your customers needs.  Contact us for more details or check our portfolio.


E - accessibility: Websites/Webpages suitable for people with disabillities - WCAG 2.0 Compliance