E - accessibility: Creating a website fully confortant with WCAG 2 offers a wide variety of advantages both for your company, your visitors and your potential customers.


Developing a website confortant with current accessibility guidelines will function correctly in all internet technology, both now and in the future. This will save you time and money: Re-developing your web site after a few years or each time some new technology appears will not be necessary.

Easy-to-use Web pages

Websites confortant with accessibility guidelines are more comfortable to use. They utilize a robust and optimized structure for content presentation that makes everyone's web life easier. Along with e-accessibility tools for people with a slight or even heavy disabillity, your page becomes fully functional for an overwhelming majority of visitors

Search Engine Optimization

Your search engine rankings will radically improve. The more accessible your web site is for your visitors, the more accessible it will be for search engines. WCAG confortant web sites contain more search engine readable content.

Quicker Page Loading

Accessible web sites use less code; Do not use flash, have fewer images and generally less ‘bloat’, so your site loads faster for all visitors. A happy visitor soon becomes a happy customer. 

Enhanced Public Image

Advertising the fact that you have considered all aspects of accessibility will serve you well in all aspects of public relations.

E.U. and National subsidies programs

Several govenrments both in the E.U. and the rest of the world are willing and able to offer a strong subsidy in order to turn web towards a more accessible direction, protecting people with disabillities from discrimination and improving web pages usability for everyone.


Modern design is one thing; Full functionality, comfortable use and easy access for everyone is another. Infoscope Hellas offers the best of both worlds to you, designing and developing your web site using up to date web techniques, suitable and accessible to everyone

WCAG 2.0. Conformance Advantages - WCAG 2.0 Compliance