Webpages suitable for People with Disabilities

Web pages suitable for people with disabilities, special needs, vision problems

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Interactive Multimedia in Exhibitions - Interactive Museum

Enhance your visitors' touring experience!

Give them the opportunity to interact with your exhibits' multimedia applications.

High definition video walls - screens integrated with show cases.

Multimedia application auto starts when the visitor approaches the exhibit and interacts with one's motion!

Visitors will be able to get information and instructions from user friendly interactive infokiosks, write in the visitor's e-book and get photographed next to the most important attractions - their pictures will be available in their personal e-mail address or social media account!


Ergometric Applications: Reflexes and body tracking data evaluation


  • Static Jump: A piece of equipment specifically designed to measure up users' static jump performance. The user is called to jump as high as he can without any impetus.
  • Balance: The user has to stand on one leg and execute some certain moves that tend to make him lose his ballance.
  • Jumping Around: The user moves from one light circle to another, using only one leg, aiming to the smoothest possible movements.
  • Eye-Hand Reflexes: The user has to press as many buttons possible during 30 seconds, while they are randomly lit up. The system records the final result: Correct button hits, wrong button hits, the average rexlex time and partial average reflex time for each 10 second period.

All results recorded, are stored in a data base, so each user/athlete or coach can track down their performance and progress, compare it to their past results or other users with similar characteristics

The interaction between the user and our system is based on QR tagging - each user prints a QR Code, or saves the picture in his portable device (smartphone, tablet).